From planar to contoured and from molded lamination to digitized carvings, we offer solutions for any seating and positioning project, no matter how complex. Our services in Southern California run the full spectrum of custom seating, adaptive engineering and orthopedic equipment modifications. However, we are focusing our internet services solely as a custom seating manufacturer. Hence the simplicity of our slogan, and the directness of our internet business name.


Manufacturing Technique
Our products are created with meticulous attention to detail and in the Cushmaker's longstanding tradition with functionality, quality and durability. Each system we make is one-of-a-kind and made-to-order based upon the dealer's specifications as well as the specified postural requirements of their client. Our manufacturing techniques include the individual design and CNC routing of all backrest shells, plywood bases, lap trays, etc. Each insert is either hand laminated using SunMate, or a digitized carving using polyurethane foam products. To ease installation, all inserts include multiple t-nut mountings for various hardware, accessories and alignment requirements. Most importantly, we ship the entire system, fully upholstered, or offer each dealer the option of an un-upholstered trial fitting. Either way, orders of $500.00 retail value or more are shipped at no additional cost to the dealer.


Manufacturing Partners
Over the years we have partnered with several manufacturers (such as Otto Bock) to provide various accessory components for our custom seating systems. We have found this to be very beneficial in order to assemble and ship complete systems to dealers who prefer a single invoice resource. All the dealer has to do is provide us with the part number and manufacturer's name. If we don't already have the item in stock, we will acquire it and include it in the pricing for both the quote and invoice. The big advantage of offering this service to our dealers is that we do all the labor, from ordering, warranty servicing and ensuring compatibility with our seating systems. As a result, the dealer and their technician's time can be more efficiently focused elsewhere instead of on non-billable research and labor.


Certified Staff & Quality Control
Collectively, our professional staff represents over 40 years of field experience in seating and mobility, pressure sore prevention and orthotics. Our professional employees are certified by either RESNA, ABC or CSUN. All staff members receive weekly training sessions that cover a full gamut of technical, orthopedic, clinical and professional subjects. All manufacturing, upholstery and assembly is done on-site using the highest quality materials and extensive quality control measures.


Permanent Record Keeping
All patterns for seat inserts and backrest shells are kept in a permanent record for future reference. In fact, a permanent record is kept for all customer transactions making it possible to go back up to 6 years and replicate or modify a preferred pattern. This is especially helpful for consumers who move to other regions of the country but want to continue using our products. For everyone's convenience we are always accessible by phone, fax, email, U. S. mail or in person.