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As a leader in the manufacture of custom molded seating and accessories for the wheelchair dependant consumer, Cushmaker.com is very involoved in the disabled community. Click on any of the links below for more information and insight to our participation and support of the industry.

Wound Management within the Context of Wheelchair Seated Posture
A primer in pressure manipulation

Gauging the Footprint of Sitting Pressure
The shape-shifting variable of comfort and support

Industry related social networking
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Fully Customized, Human Centric Rapid Manufacturing
Future Technologies Affecting Current Thinking

Also read my three blogs on this subject, on the CUSH'N Network.

More Mechanics of Posture and Seating Designs
A Firsthand Perspective

Four Chapters

Amy's Quest
A Minimalist Approach to Custom Seating

Mechanics of Low Tone Posture and Seating Support Designs
Influenced by Gravity, Pelvic Stability and the Alignment of Body Segments
A Theoretical Approach

Twelve Chapters (in progress)

2002 Paralympics Gravity
You just can't get away from it

2002 Paralympics Caveat Emptor
Words of caution when purchasing a custom seating/mobility system

2002 Paralympics Understanding The Influences For Success or Failure In Seating
A glimpse into the real-world non-technical intricacies of complex seating designs

Rix Review of ISO 16840-1 Rix Review of ISO 16840-1
December 2004

The Forgotten Alternatives The Forgotten Alternatives
When wearing a conventional prosthesis is not the right answer for you.

Using TDFP Custom seating manufacturing using the Topographic Delineation Fabrication Process (TDFP)

Cushmaker Receives SADMERC Coding Verification Cushmaker.com Receives Coding Verification from SADMERC

Alyssa's Swing Alyssa's Swing

2 Day Otto Block Training Program CUSHMAKER.com co-hosts 2-day training program with Otto Bock

2002 Paralympics CUSHMAKER.com at the 2002 Paralympics

Volunteer Team Ever Thought About Joining an All Volunteer Wheelchair Distribution Team?

Plaster body molds - Side View
Plaster body molds - Rear View